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I got a lot of useful information to conduct my research on such as venues, caterers, honeymoon planning, travel agencies, and much more. I love going to the Bridal Shows when they’re in my area. My fiancé has gone with me twice and had enjoyed himself too. I recommend going

We had a lot of fun at the show! Pretty sure we found our DJ and baker! Very happy we decided to go 😍 See all Facebook Reviews here

Tom and Barbie are the best show owners I’ve ever worked with! See all Facebook Reviews here

There’s lots of really great exhibitors at this show! I actually found my wedding venue there and I’m booking it today (TWO Colorado). I also found what might be my wedding dress store! See all Facebook Reviews here

It most definitely was a day to remeber. I had suck an amazing time. The vendors were so nice and polite. I will do this again and hooefully I’ll be the one to be getting married